No-Nonsense Hacks for Writers Managing Their Own Social Media

A guide for writers looking to turn a finicky chore into a seamless marketing machine.

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

EVERYTHING, because social media IS word-of-mouth marketing.

Create content in advance.

Use a social media scheduling tool.

Figure out the best time to post.

Repurpose your content.

Consider rewording your caption, and sharing your content over again, with a new and fresh face to it.

Keep it consistent.

Give as good as you get.

If you’re not actively engaging with others, don’t expect that they will engage with you. That is a self-serving mentality, and is NOT effective when promoting yourself as a writer on social media.

Final word.

Online solopreneur. Tea drinker. Committed optimist. I write about womanhood, writing & entrepreneurship. Never miss a single beat 👉

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