This manipulation tactic has deep misogynistic roots, and it’s been highlighted in a viral Reddit post.

Are you familiar with the term “weaponized incompetence”?

It was a term that was only coined in 2007, but recently it’s been making its rounds on TikTok and become a huge conversation point, especially among women.

“Weaponized incompetence" is when a person purposely does something poorly or says they’re unable…

Is this trend a healthy expectation, or is it creating further inequality in everyday heterosexual partnerships?

More and more, the concept of the ‘man cave’ has been growing in popularity in North America.

In a survey conducted by, 40% of respondents confirmed that they had a ‘man cave’ in their home. A ‘man cave’ is described as a space where the male head of the…

How the patriarchy still lets men off the hook from parenting their kids and supporting the women in their lives.

Plain and simple, the patriarchy lets men off the hook for a lot of things. Patriarchy toxicity consistently enables the mistreatment of women and the encouragement of an inequality gap between genders.

While we are a world that hopefully works towards better equality, especially in heterosexual partnerships, we still see…

What 2021 taught me about the harsh realities of a career as a content creator.

I’ve been a professional content creator for 3 years now, so I’ve been down this twisty, winding road of unpredictability many a time. It’s definitely not a career path that could be considered a walk in the park.

This last year is a perfect example of that fact.

This time…

How a viral Reddit post demonstrates the absolute harm of being casual about blatant homophobia.

In our society, we still have a long way to go in terms of achieving equality for minority populations.

This continues to be apparent through the stories and personal accounts from those in our communities who are experiencing these blatant cases of hate and discrimination on a recurring basis.


A viral Reddit post shows just how broken and misogynistic society remains in the face of sexual harassment.

As an active member in the sexual assault survivor community — and a survivor myself — I know first-hand how far we have to come as a society in terms of supporting those who have been violated or terrorized by predators.

Society still struggles to grasp the concept of believing…

When you deserve to make financial gain after everything you’ve been through, but the source of that money-making is your own demons.

Three months ago, I made the conscious decision to stop writing about my trauma as frequently, and just take a break.

I needed it. My mental health needed it. Hell, my readers probably even needed it.

But here’s the thing — since I stopped writing about my trauma, my income…

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Online solopreneur. Tea drinker. Committed optimist. I write about womanhood, writing & entrepreneurship. Never miss a single beat 👉

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